Protect Your New Mazda With Dura-Seal Protection

Exclusive Dura-Seal Protection Pack Options

Bronze Protection Pack

The Bronze Protection Pack includes:

  • Full Dura-Seal Paint protection
  • Dura-Seal Interior Leather & Fabric protection

Dura-seal Protection comes with a Lifetime Warranty to back their product.

Silver Protection Pack

The Silver Protection Pack includes:

  • Full Dura-Seal Paint protection
  • Dura-Seal Interior Leather & Fabric protection
  • 3M Window Tinting
  • Nitrogen Inflated Tyres
  • Mazda Gift Bag

Dura-seal Protection comes with a Lifetime Warranty to back their product.

Protect your new Mazda with Dura-Seal Protection

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Exterior & Interior Protection
  • No need to Wax or Polish your car again,
  • Protect & Preserve your new car from:
    • UV Rays
    • Bird Droppings
    • Acid Rain
    • Sea Salt
    • Tree Sap
    • Road Film

DURA-SEAL automotive protection products are recognised market leaders, providing quality products throughout the country for 30 years. Providing three types of automotive protection:



Dura-Seal Premium Ceramic Paint Protection gives a protective coating to your paint to make it last.


Dura-Seal Fabric Protection is a spirit-based product for fabric upholstery and carpets. Dura-Seal Leather Protection keeps your leather upholstery soft and crack-resistant.

How DURA-SEAL™ Paint Protection Works Dura-Seal Premium Ceramic Paint Protection forms an invisible and highly durable ceramic barrier that protects your vehicle’s paintwork from the detrimental effects of constant exposure to environmental forces and naturally occurring contaminants.

Why Duraseal Protect?

  • Shinier than Before - Relax, your car will wash like a dream preserving its appearance maximising your car’s re-sale value.
  • Easy and quick to Wash - No need to wax or polish your car again and saves a lot of time by making your car really easy to wash using just a sponge and clean running water.
  • UV Protected - Protects the clear coat and reduce the impact of UV Light and other elements.
  • Protect and Preserve - Protect against bird droppings, tree sap, acid rain and many other contaminants.
  • Earth-Friendly - Environmentally friendly, no harsh wash products or conservers required.
  • Peace of Mind - Our service is recognise by leading companies giving you satisfaction.

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Leather is a natural product and therefore needs to be maintained as it deteriorates due to soiling, air-conditioning, climatic conditions and normal wear and tear. This causes the leather to harden, crack and peel.

To ensure total protection, cleaning and protection twice a year is essential. The DURA-SEAL Leather Protection program ensures you receive enough product to last the lifetime of your warranty.

  • Your upholstery will stay soft, supple and crack resistant.
  • Prevents leather from drying and cracking and helps to maintain its original feel.
  • Assists with the removal of everyday soiling and reduces food and drink spills from permanently staining the leather

Helps protect against:

  • Cuts
  • Burns
  • Scratches
  • Ink
  • Cracking & Splitting
  • Grease, oils & Stains
  • Dirt such as soil & Dust
  • Food
  • Coffee & Soda Drinks

The DURA-SEAL Leather Warranty, covers you for one free repair call out per incident, when you accidentally damage your leather through a cut, scratches or burns.

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DURA-SEAL Fabric Protection’s unique formulation penetrates deep into each fibre, creating an invisible barrier that protects your fabric and carpets. Making the removal of spills and stains easier.

DURA-SEAL Fabric Protection Helps you by:

  • Making it easy to maintain your upholstery and keeping it looking new.
  • Resist everyday soiling and spills from staining your fabric or carpets.
  • Saves you time by making your interior easy to clean.
  • Odour-Free, Non allergenic and safe for children.

DURA-SEAL Fabric Protection Protects against stains such as:

  • Grease, oils & Stains
  • Coffee
  • Lipstick and Makeup
  • Dirt such as soil and dust
  • Food
  • Perspiration
  • Soda Drinks
  • Soy Sauce

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