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John Andrew will provide a Loan Vehicle to our customers and no like for like policy do apply. Loan vehicles are available on the following terms and conditions:

  • All loan vehicles must be operated within the greater Auckland area and if the vehicle has to be taken further permission must be requested
  • Customers are responsible for the fuel they will use for the loan period whilst in their possession.
  • When booking a Loan Vehicle suitable notice is required.
  • A photocopy of your driver’s licence will be taken. (No vehicle can be released without proof that the customer holds a current driver’s licence).
  • An insurance excess of $2000 applies to all Loan Vehicles in the event of damage being sustained to the vehicle to which you are responsible for.
  • The vehicle whilst in the customer’s possession must not loan, rent or race the vehicle, or allow it to be driven by any other person
  • Customers or their passengers are not allowed to smoke in the Loan Vehicle
  • The Loan Vehicle Agreement Form must be completed and signed by the customer
  • Any traffic infringement notices incurred whilst the Loan Vehicle is in possession of the customer must be the responsibility of the customer
  • Any damage caused to the Loan Vehicle whilst in the customer’s possession as a result of negligence or misuse will be paid by the customer


As a courtesy to the next customer please top up the fuel you have used even if it’s only to work and back. We reserve the right to refuse the use of a future loan vehicle if the above rules are contravened.

Please treat our vehicle as you would like us to treat yours